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A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible
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The ecumenical apostate church is using under the control of the Papal Roman Catholic Church the modern day perversions of the Scriptures. If Satan cannot destroy the Authorised Version (King James Bible), he will pervert the Bible through modern day PerVersions. The Word of God reads in Psalms 12:6,7:
6 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
7 Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.
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The collation work (found below) is based on COMPARISON between the KJV, NIV (1984 edition), and the TNIV (2005 edition). There are times when the KJV will have two or more references to a word in a verse, and the TNIV/NIV might only remove one of these words.
If you look up a word ONLY in the TNIV/NIV it will look like the collation is wrong. This is why you MUST compare the deleted or added words to the KJV.
Please also note that the page numbers are wrong in the “TNIV Additions” pdf download. This does NOT affect the information.
Here are the word perversions.
Here are the word additions.
Bible Version Issue Tract 1.
Bible Version Issue Tract 2.
Bible Version Issue Tract 3.
Excellent 138 page Book Exposing The NIV.
KJV “Counterfeit Readings” List
(PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT throw out your KJV Bible if it doesn’t match this list perfectly! Most of them are NOT doctrinal.)
Fighting Back! A Handy Reference For King James Bible Believers
Blog postings dealing with the inspiration and preservation of God’s Holy Word.
What’s the BIG DEAL with the KJV?
This is a six-part short docu-drama by Dr. Sam C. Gipp dealing with the inspired and preserved Word of God in the Authorized Version, being the King James Bible.
Dr. Sam C. Gipp erroneously quotes “1 Kings 9” in the fourth part (Chapter 4) when it should be 1 Samuel 9 as his readings from verses 8 through 11 confirms the same. This “misquote” does not distract from the teaching, but does show that man can err.

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